“Finding Your Place in the Future of Law”

- Mike Whelan, Jr.

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“A few years into solo law practice, I received a wakeup call. I just couldn’t do it anymore.Even with all the markers of success— a steady flow of clients, money, and prestige—traditional solo practice wasn’t giving me what I needed. I went on a journey to discover what was missing.This book is the story of that journey. It is the narrative of an idea. And it is a plea to replace the broken model we were taught in law school and at bar events with something better. Learn to accept your own weaknesses, to focus on your strengths, and to collaborate with qualified professionals. Learn how to take your place on the Legal Supply Chain. Learn how to Lawyer Forward.”

Lawyer Forward by Mike Whelan

Mike Whelan, Jr.

Mike has worked in logistics, solo law practice, and legal media. He teaches about the overlaps between those activities and what they mean for attorneys and the companies that aim to serve them.Through his speaking, consulting, and writing, Mike aims to improve the lives of solo attorneys. The legal industry has many well-documented struggles. If we can harness the minds and compassion of solos—roughly half of the profession—we can have real impact on an array of social issues, including access to justice. That is Mike’s mission.Mike lives with his wife, four children, dog, two geckos, four cats, two birds, and hedgehog in the Kansas City area. (He needs a nap.)