Help us get past these strange times

Lawyer Forward (Virtual)

Lawyers are facing a new normal. After this triage moment in which they move their current practices online, they’ll have a chance to create something new. Through content and financial support, you can help them redesign and reorient.

What we do

Lawyer Forward is a practice innovation conference. For five years in Austin, we used community and big ideas to help small firms change. This year we’ll move online to rethink what lawyers do for clients. Here are a few of the sessions…

Business Models

Who do you serve? How do you capture that value? In this session, we get down to basics using design thinking and the business model canvas.

Innovative Pricing

Hourly billing works in some contexts but many of our offices are in our homes and our productive hours reduced. How can we value our work differently?

Low Cost Marketing

Most small firms are facing cashflow problems they can’t long endure. What are some low cost ways to create new business?

Virtual Management

We’ve hurriedly moved our practices online, but now we need to think through the ethics. How do you maintain supervision of your firm in this virtual world?

Crisis Communications

Clients and communities expect lawyers to be the adults in the room. We give advice, counsel, and comfort. Learn how to do that job a little better.

Social Connection

Zoom meetings have replaced handshakes. Can you capitalize on that kind of connection? With collaborative multi-disciplinary teams, you can.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems.

Watch the video above to learn more about the event. We’ll create recorded lessons with industry experts. Attendees can watch as they’re released on April 16 and 17, 2020, or when it’s convenient for them. We’ll also create chances for you to engage with attendees through watch parties in the Lawyer Forward Facebook group.

Please Support us

In order to support our community, we’re offering a different kind of payment option for attendees: pay what you can. Similar to a Patreon model, this allows attendees to participate without the barrier of cost. We are offering a similar setup for vendors who’d like to connect with the community. If you want to support our work and are able, we’d sure appreciate a contribution. If you’re in need of free access but want to participate, please reach out to us via the link on the left.

Got Questions?

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Details around this event are changing quickly as we respond to community needs. Please join the Lawyer Forward Facebook group for daily updates. You can also reach Mike directly by emailing