Has managing your practice via an online platform ever made more sense? Our friends at Clio have been with us from year one of Lawyer Forward, always supporting our mission of helping solo and small firm lawyers grow. This year is no different. With the long list of resources below, you’ll see confirmation again that Clio is a serve-first company. They’ve shared many useful pieces of content as well as their program to support lawyers and a discount for our group. Enjoy!

Data for Decisions

As George Psiharis’ presentation made clear, we have data to work from. The Legal Trends Report has revealed the trends that we’re seeing speed up. Read it here.

Starting a Firm?

If you’re just starting or redesigning a firm, you don’t have to start from zero. Use the wisdom of so many of Clio’s users with this helpful resource.

Updated Guidance

Clio’s blog is a great resource for strategic thinking. During this wacky time, they’ve continued to add content to help lawyers. Stay up-to-date with them.

Clio has supported lawyers for more than a decade. As CEO Jack Newton often says, their mission is to “transform the practice of law, for good.”

If you have not used the power of chat on your website, learn about getting started here…

more resources

Check out these three additional resources that you can access now for free.

moving online?

get started with clio!

We are grateful for Clio’s support and hope you’ll reach out to them for your free trial. Attendees are entitled to an exclusive 10% discount on Clio’s industry-leading, cloud-based legal software following the trial, so connect with them here.