Expertise Requires Your Voice

Contrary to what many marketing experts might say, you cannot fully outsource your firm’s content creation.

Prospects need two things to feel comfortable buying from you: empathy and authority. Neither can be proven without your unique voice.

The Expert Engine is a method for developing and proving your expertise. Through monthly one-hour podcast interviews, we place deadlines on you for refining and elaborating informed opinions. By expressing these thoughts, you’ll become a known expert in your field.

And clients hire known experts. We’ll make your involvement painless, but we need your unique voice.


Monthly Content Management

Our content marketing services help you build authority and empathy in the eyes of your clients. This crucial work is so hard to prioritize, but our systems help you do it well.


Your Unique Voice

We don’t simply create generic content that could be found on every lawyer website. We capture your unique voice in a way that’s easy for you and leveraged for maximum impact.


Scaled Content

Once we’ve captured your voice in easy monthly interviews, we repurpose it to create unique blog posts and content assets. You don’t have to write frequent content because we will.

Continued Engagement

Through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, we can help you grow and engage with an audience of believers. And you even have the option for monthly e-mail marketing support.


  • Expert Engine Training Series
  • Monthly podcast interview on the Texas Lawyers Forum
  • 4 monthly custom blog posts


  • Expert Engine Training Series
  • Monthly interview on the Texas Lawyers Forum Podcast
  • Complete interview transcript

BONUS OPTION: Add website copy rewrite for $1,500

In addition to other marketing support options, you can get your site copy rewritten by experts in client conversion. Quality website sales copy will help you target the right clients and eliminate lookers who don’t need your services. Proper conversion does not mean everyone calls you, but that the right people call you. Let us fix your website copy to improve engagement and get you the right clients.

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