COVID Fast response resources

If you need to get your practice online quickly, here are some resources we’ve gathered to help you do that. During the virtual event, we’ll help you with the next stage—once you’ve jumped online, you can explore things like business model redesign, productization, and creative pricing—but first you need to make your firm virtual. The resources below will help.

Essential Tech

Our friend Maddy Martin at put together a list of tech tools that are essential to jumping online. I especially like the communication tools, so take a look at her list..

Ethical Considerations

Mark Palmer listed important ethical issues you should consider while moving your practice online. Remember that this is a “reasonableness” standard and do your best. Don’t let fear of discipline cripple you, but do good thinking and preparing.

MyShingle Q&A

Carolyn Elefant, one of the original bloggers in the solo/small firm law space, put together a Zoom recording covering all aspects of dealing with Covid as an owner. She bookmarked it all with time stamps.

Daily Matters Podcast

Clio’s CEO Jack Newton recently started a daily podcast to talk through the implications of the coronavirus for the legal industry. He covers practice issues, substantive justice, and attorney wellness. Mike was on episode 7 so look out for that one.

Ambrogi's List

Bob Ambrogi of LawSites has put together a list of free and inexpensive resources means to help attorneys during the Covid crisis.

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