Get noticed, get found. If you want to help members of your community, you’ll have to do both. It all starts with understanding the current situation’s impact on how you should communicate with others. The folks at GNGF were kind enough to support this event and share all kinds of wisdom to help you. Take a look at the many resources below and connect with our friends at GNGF to get the attention your firm needs.

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GNGF original “Online Law Practice Strategies” will teach you how to build the right foundation online and protect your referrals. Get it for free here.

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Not all online ads are created equal. If you can get a searcher’s attention at the moment she needs you, you can grow fast. Learn how.

Measure ROI

With enough money, anyone can get attention. But what should you do it you have a limited budget? How do you measure success? Learn more in this piece.

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Starting with their book Online Law Practice Strategies, GNGF shares what it knows with lawyers. Make sure to also check out their YouTube channel and the Protect Your Referrals Challenge. They’re all designed to help your firm.

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