Practical Focus

Why can’t an innovation conference help you right now? We encourage you to find two impactful ideas and focus on those. All you have to do is implement what fits in your practice.

Peer Learning

Our unique learning formats let you hear from practicing attorneys and subject matter experts. Through TED-style talks and small group workshops, you’ll personally direct your continued improvement.

Purposeful Fun

You’ve probably never experienced a legal conference like this. Our group is very social, encouraging engagement and understanding. We talk together, eat together, and debate issues that impact our practices.

What Past Attendees Are Saying

The experience of Lawyer Forward can be hard to explain to those who haven’t seen it, but listen to a few of our friends…

“The ideas that were shared at Lawyer Forward transformed my practice.”
Kimberly Pack Wilson

“The Lawyer Forward conference is special to me because I’ve been attending CLE conferences since I first… passed the bar and have always complained about how boring they are, and just how impersonal they feel.

This one is definitely not like that. The crowd is amazing. The subject matter is just so inspirational. And… it’s just such a good vibe.”

Nicole Abboud

“It’s very collegial. The folks are super nice…

If you were thinking about going, I say come on down next year. I’ll be here, I’ll buy you a beer.”

Papa Dieye

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to get CLE credits at Lawyer Forward?
Yes, the Lawyer Forward conference will provide a maximum of 12 credits. Some of the sessions will not come with CLE credit, but those will be clearly marked. You can decide which sessions to attend and that will impact the number of credits you’ll earn. We will apply for credit with the Texas Bar. If you are seeking credit from other states, please let us know and we will help with that process.
Are any meals provided at the conference?
We offer two meals and one reception for every ticket holder. The Thursday sessions officially start at 1 pm so we will not provide a meal that day. Lunches will be provided on Friday and Saturday.
What opportunities are there to network with other attorneys?
Lawyer Forward is designed to encourage interaction. Every small group session is framed as a discussion, giving you an opportunity to speak from your experience and to learn from the experience of others. Additionally, we historically all travel to a nearby restaurant on Thursday night to encourage socializing within the group.
Will there be vendors at the conference?
Yes, we allow a select number of vendors at the conference. They are given opportunities to engage with our group directly, as long as they follow one simple rule: sell when it is time to sell. We often have vendors speak during the TED-style sessions, but encourage them to stay helpful during that time and to take product promotion to another room when the time comes. In short, you will only be sold to if you want to be. (If you want to be a conference vendor, please contact Mike at mike@whelanlawfirm.com for details.
Can I see recordings of the conference if I cannot attend?
That is the intention. However, we do not guarantee recordings will be available. Frankly, the number of technical glitches that could happen freak us out too much to guarantee recordings. We will try to capture everything, but this really is a conference you need to experience to understand. The learning formats are designed specifically for the live environment. If Mike is finally able to create the learning platform here he has always intended, make sure you are on the mailing list and he will let you know.
Who do I contact with questions?
Please email Mike Whelan at mike@whelanlawfirm.com with any questions about the conference. You can also join the Lawyer Forward Facebook group for updates on the conference.
Will there be a discounted hotel rate?
Yes, our group qualifies for a discounted daily hotel rate, including the day before and after the conference. Everyone who books through our link will also get a free breakfast buffet for every day at the hotel. You can book your room by calling 512-451-5757 or 888-300-6273 and mention the three letter code of LFW, or by using this link.