Virtual day 2

Welcome to Day 2. You’ve already learned so much and have action steps to take, but the additional ten speakers below will help you implement. You can watch each of these videos at your own pace. Then click the “Learn More” button under each session’s information to dig deeper on the ideas that really resonate.

I added a video at the top of this page to break down the basics of the book Lawyer Forward. The understandings I have of business models and how we pivot really came from research that went into the book. Because that drives my questions, I thought it would be useful for you to have that.

Also, don’t forget to join the Facebook group to bounce ideas around with other Lawyer Forward members. These strange times require some collaboration, so we hope you’ll share your thoughts and questions with us.



Coronavirus changed a lot, but how long will those changes last? Are we really in a new normal? In this frank conversation, George shares data that reveals some sped up trends that you should act on now. Click “Learn More” below to see all that Clio is sharing with our group to help through this moment.


JON TOBIN (Counsel For Creators)

Thinking about changing practice areas? Before you do, watch this conversation with Jon. He argues for new ways of capturing and monetizing your existing knowledge. This “productization” will help you build and demonstrate expertise while creating new revenue streams.


MARY JUETTEN (Traklight)

It’s time to have a tough conversation about money. CPA and lawyer Mary Juetten isn’t just talking about cashflow, she’s talking about cash. Are you taking your resources seriously enough? Learn how to create and capture cash in this important discussion.


JEROD MORRIS (Unemployable)

Long-time friend of the conference Jerod tells us we need to change our assumptions about content. With so much noise in the world, we can be the filter that consumers need. Learn how to turn that effort into influence, connection, and profits in this video.



We hate feeling chased down by vendors. As lawyers, we get all the calls. And your clients might feel the same way when they hear from you. Learn how empathy helps you design better communications policies, then click “Learn More” below to dig deeper.



Mike has made a lot of mistakes when it comes to hiring help. Like, a lot. In this conversation, Andrea helps him learn to hire, train, and delegate better. If you have the right people doing the right tasks, all of your work comes out better and faster.


TOM MARTIN (Lawdroid)

What are consultations for? Are we listening? Selling? Teaching? When we do “all of the above,” we confuse clients and undervalue ourselves. In this conversation, Tom helps us redesign consultations by first taking them apart. The result is a better connection between what clients want and what we do.


ERIK PELTON (Pelton & Assoc. )

How much do you think Apple and Google have spent to make their brands household names? As lawyer, we don’t have that kind of budget, so can you build a brand that’s recognizable for your target audience? In this video, trademark lawyer Erik Pelton shares lessons he’s learned from his clients’ experiences.


JOHN STROHMEYER (Strohmeyer Law)

Service is about more than a smile and a hot cup of coffee. You need to balance the technical work you do with the experience your clients enjoy. How you design these experience define your firm to others. In this video, John helps us do that more purposefully.



Few tools in law are as ubiquitous and as misused as Microsoft Word. Unsexy as it may be, using tools like Word well will create better flow for your work, impressing clients and saving time. Damien tells us his top tips for using Word better in this useful video.

Need more thinking space?Try out the book!

Mike wants to help lawyers like you get out of the Churn and design your firm for expertise or service. Doing so will help you gain more control and find more happiness. That’s why he wrote the book Lawyer Forward: Finding Your Place in the Future of Law. If you haven’t yet, make sure you grab your copy today.