Virtual day 1

Well, here we are. Weird time, unexpected challenges, and hope for the future.

To get you started on the path to practice redesign, we’ve brought together great minds in and around the legal industry. Each contributor has something to share about adjusting to the new realities, as well as illuminating the principles that haven’t changed.

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Enjoy your redesign.



Maddy Martin (

Before you do anything, you should get into the mind of your clients. Maddy brings data and advice to help you turn your firm into a happy client machine. Click the “Learn More” link below to get lots more free information from our friends at


Mark Homer (GNGF)

How can you bring attention to your firm while still being respectful of this strange moment? Using examples and data from clients of Get Noticed Get Found, Mark explains the best ways to use social media right now. Click “Learn More” to get even more helpful advice from GNGF.


Kristin Tyler (

Are we past the fiction yet that you can do everything on your own? Recent events have made clear that we need help, but you can do more than just push off administrative work. You can build teams to create new revenue. Click “Learn More” below to see what Kristin and her team teach to get you started.


Mike Ramsey (Nifty Marketing)

So much to learn if you want to do marketing well, right? Before you get overwhelmed, focus your efforts on activities that give quick wins. Like Google My Business, Mike says. You can even build a firm by focusing entirely on GMB, yet few of us do it well. Learn how in this video.


Karen Skinner (Gimbal Canada)

We do our work as a collection of habits. Often we don’t question our processes or design them purposefully. What if making that effort could reveal wastes that are slowing you down and hurting clients? In this video, Karen walks Kim Wilson through the work that improves the work.


Ed Kless (SAGE Software)

Whether you sell services or expertise, you need to define the value of your work. And then you need to persuade clients of that value. Unfortunately, Ed teaches, you’re starting with the wrong language. Learn to build on the value conversation in this video.


Christopher White (White Law)

There’s no way you can grow a rural practice, right? In this video, Chris White explains how he and his father have created a client-responsive firm that delivers both expertise and accessibility—and does it profitably.


Allison Williams (Law Firm Mentor)

Inputs, processes, and outputs. Whether we realize it or not, everything we do is rooted in those steps. Why do we do the work we do? What should we bring to the task, and what does success look like? In this video, Allison walks you through designing better processes for your firm.


Jordan Ostroff (Jordan Law)

“Get what you deserve,” the lawyer says as he dons his cowboy hat and walks past dusty books. We’ve all seen that ad, and might have made an ad like that ourselves. But now it’s time to adjust our marketing to show empathy and connection. Jordan shows us how.


Barry Seidel (Barry Seidel Esq.)

Lawyers aren’t great at passing along generational knowledge. That means we make the same mistakes as our peers, over and over. But what if we could learn from the stumbles of others? In this video, experienced attorney Barry Seidel shows us how to learn from his many pivots.

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