Lawyer Forward Access Scholarship

A fund available to those with financial need who’d like to attend the conference at a greatly reduced rate.

The 2019 Lawyer Forward Access Scholarship is a chance to change.

You often feel like a hamster on a wheel, running and getting nowhere. Then a great conference comes along that promises a chance to change, but how can you afford it? Good news! Thanks to grants from our friends at Casetext, we are now offering LFATX2019 tickets for only $150 per person, a nearly 70% savings!

No more excuses. You need to be at the conference. Here’s why…

TED-style Talks

One idea, tightly argued, that breaks your most limiting assumptions. Speakers from around the world will come to Austin to tell you how to practice smarter and in a way that preserves your health. No more boring, hour-long lectures in front of slides of legal code. Get the most important ideas and get out, ready to implement and make change.

Classes & Workshops

Whether substantive legal issues or detailed how-to, our small group sessions allow you to dig in on issues you care about. You’ll engage with a room full of other practitioners and learn how they solve the problems you face. Significantly, we offer a free SOLO INTENSIVE SESSION on day 1 of the conference.

Panel Interviews

During special lunch sessions, you’ll hear stories of others who’ve applied the ideas shared during the conference. These special guests will demonstrate the power of lawyering forward, of making positive change. In addition to a guided panel discussion, you’ll be able to engage with our panelists during our purposely-long lunch breaks..

Featured Talks & Speakers

The format of the Lawyer Forward conference allows for many great speakers. In addition to the culture-defining TED-style talks available to everyone, you’ll be able to pick from among the many small group sessions. From the inspiring to the practical, our speakers help you change the way you practice. Here’s just a sample of who’s coming…

Mike Whelan, Jr.

Finding Your Place in the Future of Law

Shreya Ley

Hate Mail: A Sign of Good Marketing

Kimberly Wilson

Implementing Flat Fees in your Practice

Donivan Flowers

In the Event of my Demise: A Planning Guide

Apply Now!

To qualify for this amazing scholarship opportunity, please contact Mike directly using the contact form to the right, or direct message him on Twitter or Facebook. There are a limited number of these seats available so please act now.

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