LFATX2019 Speakers

Whether delivering TED-style talks or facilitating small group discussions, we’re excited to see this list of fine speakers.

Donivan Flowers

Attorney/Mediator, The Flowers Law Firm

Donivan is a sharing guy. He’s helped lawyers through his Small Law Podcast and live presentations. In this session, he’s wisely going a little dark, helping us plan for the worst. How will your practice and client fare after you’ve passed? If you don’t know, come to Donivan’s important session.

In The Event of My Demise: A Planning Guide: Small Group Workshop

Maddy Martin

Head of Growth and Education, Smith.ai

Maddy has used new media marketing to build businesses for more than ten years. As the marketing lead for Smith.ai, the all-in-one virtual receptionist service, Maddy has taken to educating professionals on using techniques she knows will work.  She’ll explain why referral-based marketing may not be the magic wand you think it is.

Referrals are not a Growth Strategy: TED-style talk

Michelle Fulton

Attorney, The Fulton Law Firm

After facilitating several helpful sessions on mental health issues for lawyers, Michelle decided to gather information on available resources. She’ll share the resources with us in her small group session, as well as discuss her advocacy issues and how other attorneys can get involved. If you’re interested in supporting lawyers, you’ll enjoy Michelle’s presentation.

Mental Health Resources: Small Group Session

Mark Homer

CEO and Founder, Get Noticed Get Found (GNGF)

One of the smartest voices for digital marketing in legal, Mark has defined best practices. In this talk, he’ll tear down a few myths.

It may not surprise you, but some of the folksy digital marketing advice among lawyers is a total waste of time. Learn how to use your time and voice to have the biggest impact in Mark’s presentation.

Stop Littering on the Internet: TED-style Talk

Jess Birken

Attorney and Consultant, Birken Law

Jess Birken is a forward-facing lawyer for non-profits and arts organizations in Minneapolis. She has a unique approach to practice, including a focus on developing productized services. She’ll lead a workshop on how to turn your free consults into opportunities for new revenue and more qualified clients.

Consultation Makeover: Small Group Workshop

Shreya Ley

Co-Founder, LayRoots

Shreya and Colin Ley created the innovative estate and business planning firm LayRoots in Seattle. She’s an active content creator and fascinating commenter on the intersection of law and business. She’ll show us that negative reactions from prospects can sometimes indicate that you’re doing things right, not wrong.

Hate Mail: A Sign of Good Marketing: TED-style talk

Mike Whelan, Jr.

CEO, Lawyer Forward

Mike created Lawyer Forward five years ago. He has used the platform to inspire change in the legal industry. Rather than focus on tools and data, Mike has turned his attention to the human beings who inhabit the legal supply chain: the lawyers. In his last talk at the Lawyer Forward conference in Austin, Mike will discuss the future of legal practice and how we lawyers can preserve it.

Finding Your Place in the Future of Law: TED-style talk

Traci Ahart

Owner/Mediator, Hell on Heels Mediation

Traci has been part of the Lawyer Forward community from the very beginning. Through her Hell on Heels and Life With the Boy adventures, we’ve seen her build a thriving personal brand and mediation business. In her TED-style talk, Traci will tell us about that journey, including how she endured all the bumps and bruises.

Lemons into Lemonade: A Tale of Redemption: TED-style talk

Cindy Vickers

Principal, Law Office of Lucinda Vickers

Cindy is back at Lawyer Forward to give her popular presentation about practicing in a small town. A veteran of rural practice, Cindy loves sharing how she litigates cases on a shoestring budget and without big city resources.

Succeeding in Small Town Practice: Small Group Session

Angela Faye Brown

President and Chief Legal Strategist, Angela Faye Brown & Associates

If you’ve been to the conference before, you know about Angela’s most important contribution: the annual Mike and Angela’s Awesome Mix CD. But she also knows a ton about running a successful practice. In her bonus Solo Intensive workshop, Angela runs through the most important systems for your practice, with a special focus on marketing for more clients. You don’t want to miss this.

Solo Intensive Session: BONUS Practical Workshop

Sarah Cuddy

Financial Adviser, Baird

Sarah has a lot of letters behind her name – CDFA, CFP – and for good reason. She’s been the go to person for divorce-related finance issues in the Houston area for a while now. (And Sarah’s been a professional opera singer, which just makes us think she’s fabulous.) She’ll share with the Lawyer Forward audience how good planning impacts both lawyers and their clients.

Planning is for the Rich, and Other Lies: TED-style talk

Financial Planning in a Divorce: Small Group Workshop

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