Monthly Content Support

How It Works

Publishing thoughtful content is at the core of becoming a known expert. But it can be hard for lawyers to discover their voice and produce regularly. At Lawyer Forward Media, we can help you do both through monthly content support. Learn more about our process below.


Strategy Session

Before you produce content, you need to nail down your expert positioning. That goes beyond producing best-guess customer profiles. Instead, we’ll focus on the kind of work you want to do—the problem that keeps you up at night. During the strategy session, we’ll nail down your positioning and let that guide your long term-strategy. We’ll also identify short-term tactics to get you started toward your expert goals.

  • Expert Positioning Review
  • Engagement Planning
  • Content Strategy Planning

Audio Interview

We don’t believe in outsourcing your voice. Ever. As the known expert at the head of your company, you want your language and personality amplified, not replaced. To facilitate that, Mike Whelan will interview you every month. We will identify questions based on keywords and the work you want to highlight. We will incorporate your voice into every piece of content.

  • Casual Hour-Long Interview
  • Using Target Keywords
  • Repurposed in Written Content


Content creation helps you develop your thinking and voice, but it should also attract clients and brand missionaries. That kind of engagement comes from large content pieces. We’ll develop one anchor content each month and use best practices in copywriting to make sure the content reaches readers.

  • Anchor Content Piece
  • Relevant Support Pieces
  • Multimedia Posts

Launch, Measure, Repeat

Content marketing works better and for less than paid ads. The data backs that up. But it also has a time delay. If you want quick-but-shallow results, hire a paid leads company; if you want long-term impact and the ability to command premium rates, the written word in the right hands will get you there—but only if you measure and adjust. We’ll review your strategy every single month.

  • Scheduled Posting
  • Monthly Strategy Review
  • Discounted Annual Plans

Content Results

Like everything from the internet 2.0 era, content marketing has become insanely competitive. And if you’re a lawyer, you’re competing with major national companies for the first page. But if you rethink the “why” of content marketing—as an integrated way to develop and demonstrate expertise, drawing missionaries to your cause—the ROI makes way more sense. Your marketing spend can be intimately tied to your personal development. If you are ready to learn how anchor pieces and monthly engagement can make you a better lawyer (and a
better-known lawyer), we hope you’ll reach out for help.

60% read

Content Before Purchase

Of those who purchase a product, 60% read a blog post about it first. They especially prefer content when a product or service is new or complex.

3x more

Leads From Content

Content marketing generates 3 times more leads than paid search. Although paid exposure should be part of any marketing strategy, content should still be the anchor. All paid and unpaid activities should go through content assets that build trust.

16+ posts

Leads From Content

Publishing 16+ posts per month generates 4.5x more leads than posting 4 times per month. Longer posts also do well, but frequency is best for both search engines and curious prospects. When in doubt, write more.

Strategic Business Requires Strategic Content.