Onboarding with Lawyer Forward

We are excited about the magic we are about to create together. We know at Lawyer Forward, our clients are our #1 priority, and we want you to have the best experience possible. We will be meeting to have a ‘onboarding brainstorm’ to help identify goals, plans and audiences so we can knock your socks off (too much of a dad joke?). 

First things first, we need some things from you. In order for us to ensure we are testing the right things, hitting the right marks, and going to the right goals – we need to know YOU! Since that is the case, we ask you to download the two documents below, fill them out and send them back to us BEFORE our brainstorm meeting. 

We need to understand your business structure, how you work, who you serve and what your channels are so we know how to test! That is where the Business Model Canvas comes into play. Hit the download button, grab a copy and fill it out. Once you are done send it to Teagan at teagan@lawyerforward.com. If you already have one – AMAZING! Just send it over to us.

Now we need to get to know your client, who you are targeting, and a bit more about your voice. We also want to know what you have tried, what worked, and how you felt about it. Hit the download button, grab a copy and fill it out for us (it is all digital so type away!), and when you are done send us a copy. You can send that to Teagan at teagan@lawyerforward.com.