When you you see your firm as a complex, agile web of specialists who serve clients, you’ll know you need help with communications. You have other work to do. That’s why we are proud to recommend our friends at Smith as your virtual communications specialists. They’ve kindly shared resources for making your firm more nimble, so please check out their handy guides. And click through to the website to learn more about what they do and how you can get started.

Work From Home’s Betsy Barnett writes about the challenges businesses are facing with COVID-19, how solves them, and tips for the best way to use our services at this time of crisis.

Tech Tools

What tools do you need now? From time tracking tech to case management systems, email providers to calendaring solutions, this is Smith’s list of the heavy hitters in each major category.


Automation Checklist

Here are the first 6 steps the folks at Smith recommend for building the ideal virtual team. Delegation & Automation Checklist – Six Action Steps for Success

Right now, is offering a great bundled deal.

If you have not used the power of chat on your website and virtual reception, learn about getting started here…

More resources

Perfecting a virtual team is a long process, but worth it. If you’re convinced that it’s time to get started, follow up with these additional resources from

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Our friends at Smith are very responsive. That’s their job. Reach out to them for their latest offers and make sure you let them know you’re a member of Lawyer Forward. If you use the code LAWYERFORWARD100 you’ll get $100 off your services in addition to the free 20-call/20-chat trial offer. That’s an amazing deal, so please reach out.