Bring A Friend, Get A Dot

What you need to do…

It’s pretty simple: either get a ticket or get your friend a ticket. And do it soon. The conference really benefits from tickets purchased well before showtime, so we wanted to incentivize you to get on board. Thanks to our friends at Tali, you’ll get some cool tech (Mike has 3 Echo Dots at home) and access to a great time-keeping system at

What you’ll get…

Everyone who buys a ticket by November 20th will receive a free Amazon Alexa Echo Dot from Tali, as well as a month of access to their premium time-tracking product. And, if you already have a ticket, you can still get in on the action by applying some peer pressure and encouraging friends to get their tickets. Everyone who already has a ticket but refers a friend during this promotion can also get the free stuff. It’s limited to one per person, but hopefully you’ll get lots of friends on board.

With Tali, Make More Money Without All The Hassle


Real-Time Tracking

The Tali skill works with your Alexa Dot to help you track hours in real time. If you’ve ever used paper, a spreadsheet, or even an app to track time, you know how hard that can be to remember. Voice control makes it easy.

Get Daily Updates

Tali will email you a daily summary of hours logged using the Alexa device. You can even make changes on Tali’s interface to make edits before printing the report.


FREE Premium Access For A Month

By using the Bring A Friend promo to purchase your ticket to Lawyer Forward 2018, in addition to a free Echo Dot, you’ll get a FREE month of Tali for Law. This premium service includes professional support and can sync your time entries with Clio’s practice management tool.

Make sure to act soon!

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