time for big ideas.

As a company that serves lawyers, you’re in a great spot. We want to help you engage with our community in ways that help both you and them get through this historic moment. Below you’ll find a place to schedule a lesson recording with Mike, as well as details about the material. Also feel free to explore the materials below.

1. Schedule an Interview

We’ll be recording Zoom conference sessions of some 45 minutes. These will be lessons with Mike acting as the lone attending student. He’ll help you keep the lesson moving.

Go ahead and schedule a time using the Lawyer Forward (Virtual) Interview option on Mike’s Calendly page.

2. Schedule a Topic Call


In addition to the lesson interview, you’ll want to schedule a time with Mike to go over the topic that you’d like to present. Use the 30 Minute Chat option.

Lawyer Forward is a somewhat unusual event, made even more unusual by these format changes. To make sure your planned subject works with the purpose of the conference, talk with Mike and plan. He’ll let you know what we need and when.


3. Join the Facebook Group

The interactive portions of this event will take place in the Lawyer Forward Facebook group. We’ll do watch parties in which we can share ideas.

Mike is also doing daily Facebook Live sessions in preparation for the conference. They’ll take place at 9 PM Central each day so make sure you join in.

Get the Book

Many of the ideas that drive this conference can be found in the book Lawyer Forward: Finding Your Place in the Future of Law. While reading the book is definitely not required, it might add some helpful context.